Queuing the Mexican Way

I love Mexico and Mexicans, but as with all different cultures it is hard not to find a few foibles to hate! And mine is the Mexican system of queuing. Because they don´t. Lovely people etc etc, but crowd a few of them onto a Metro platform, or at a bus stop, or even at a local store and they all turn into rude animals!

Being British, I am something of a master at the art of queuing. I know just how close to stand (or not stand) behind the person in front. I know to ask for confirmation of the exact end of the line when things are a little chaotic. I don´t strike up conversation with fellow queuers (the day you do, it´s bound to be some sort of sociopathic weirdo), I make room for those alighting to do so before attempting to board a mode of public transport, and I absolutely don´t push infront of other people.

For Mexican queuing rules, take each point above and make opposite. Push to the front as far as you can, pressing tightly up against the one person you can´t push infront of, carry on chatting to your friend/yourself/a stranger and as soon as the metro doors open make sure you push everybody trying to get off the train, back onto the train. A little shoulder barge to the heavily pregnant woman in time will get you the last seat….

Actually the last point is unfair. There is always someone who will give up their seat to someone who really needs it. Chivalry isn´t entirely dead. My tip though…..if you can, grab a seat as far away from any door as possible, so that someone else is obliged to give up their seat first!


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