Cinqo de Mayo

Today is yet another Mexican celebration, although not an official holiday anymore. And just as well. If we Brits had a public holiday to celebrate every military victory over the French….let’s just say there anren’t enough days in the year! :jester:

Still, it was an important battle for the Mexicans apparently. They took on a small French force who had invaded from Veracruz on the Gulf coast, intent on putting a Francophone monarchy in power. The Mexicans (whose president, ***edited because he wasn’t the first president as I incorrectly stated***, the most famous, and only true native Amerindian to ever hold the post) fought back and the French were forced to give up. Temporarily.

They came back with 30,000 troops with orders from Napolean III to complete the task and from there provide the Confederates support in the American Civil War – yes Yanks, you perhaps have the Mexicans to thanks for your continued union! The French did capture Mexico City and drive the government north, but Juarez kept an internationally recognised, working administration going and eventually defeated the puppet regime of Maximilian.

And all was well again.


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