Biter Bob

Poor Bob the Turtle. He’s been sick for nearly two weeks now, but today at last he appears to getting a lot better. He has really started to look very weak/near death, so we rushed him at great expense to a different vet, specialising in reptiles. Cost $30 US dollars just to have him weighed, examined and injected with medicine and food in his little paw.

Which is when he turned back into the Bob we know and love! He’s a pretty clever little turtle as far as turtles go (which’ll be pretty unclever!) and he knows a needle isn’t good news. Boy did he open his mouth wide and savagely attack the poor vet with several vicious bites! To think we hadn’t managed to get his mouth open more than a millimetre all week, and all we had to do was display a needle….

Of course, when you are about 3 inches long and as toothless as a new born baby, savage biting isn’t going to perturb a vet unduly!

Still, the jab did the trick, and Bob is now swimming about, and more importantly he is eating again. All’s well that ends well, although he won’t be happy when he finds out he is back to the vet on Sunday for a second dose of the needle!


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