Mexican Madness

You order cable television, pay for it, are assured it is in your area. Man comes to fit it (eventually) but just laughs! Because there is no cable anywhere near your area…. Damn them! Now how am I going to watch the World Cup?!?!?!

Job hunting….you can apply for a job advertised in a newspaper or online, but under no circumstances should you ever believe that the advert’s description of the job bears any relation whatsoever to the job itself! Paola has had three interviews this week. One for a hotel in Puerto Vallerta in a well paid (US$2000 pm) tourism role. Which turned out to involve hanging about bus station handing out coupons for hotels and restaurants.

Then another, who interviewed her, but refused to tell her what the company was called, does, what the job is or anything else you would want to know…in Mexico this means they will want you to give THEM money at some stage.

Lastly, for an office job Mon to Fri 12pm to 10pm for MXN$6500 a month. By the time of the interview it included Saturdays and the advertised rate had somewhat dropped to MXN$4500….


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