Marriage In Mexico

Easy if you are Mexican and both Catholic. A mountain of paperwork and procedures if you are not! This is a summary I received from a Mexican girl who married a Brit…

You will have to send your birth certificate (and any other document, like divorce papers) to England to “Apostille”. It cannot be done here in Mexicoso documents needs sending to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. When you have your birth certificate “apostillado”, then it becomes valid in Mexico. Then you will have to send it to translate with a “Perito Traductor”, it has to be made by an official translator.

Then with the official translation you will have to take it to “Secretaria de Gobernación” to ask for a permission for you to get married in Mexico as a foreigner. They will ask for other documents as well, but if you don’t have the first one, you cannot make the rest. A lwayer is recommended unless you have a few years to spare…

After you have this permission, then you can put together all the documents for the civil registry. Birth Certificate (officially translated and apostilled in your case), permission from Secretaria de Gobernación, a payment, from MXN$2,000 if you get married in the registry, up to MXN$4,000 if the judge will marry you outside but in the same delegation of the city. Sometimes they won’t marry outside their delegation. Sometimes they ask for medical certificates, IDs of 2 witnesses for each partner, Mexican residents. You will have to go there and ask for the list of requisites.

Then you set the date of your civil ceremony!

The catholic mixed marriage needs to be approved by the “Arquidiócesis Primada de México” (Durango #90, Piso 2, Col. Roma). You will have to ask for an appointment to present your documents and have an interview.
The documents you will be asked to present are:

For your mexican girlfriend – Birth certificate, baptism certificate, confirmation certificate, proof of address document, ID, and 2 photos “credencial” size.

For a foreigner – Birth certificate, passport, proof certificate, and 2 photos “credencial” size.

Payment of $400 (you can ask for a receipt)

A letter saying that you want to get married and asking for the approval for the mixed marriage.

Then for the interview, each has to take 2 witnesses to testify that they know you – not necessarily the same witnesses you will have in your wedding. During the interview they are going to ask if you are willing to participate in a Catholic marriage even though you are not a Catholic. You will fill out some forms accepting this, and stating that your children will be raised as Catholics.

After the interview they will tell you when you can collect your letter approving the marriage, because this is a document that needs to be taken to the Church where the marriage will be performed. You will also need to attend some pre wedding lectures by a priest.

You will have to find a priest that is willing to do mixed marriages. Not all of them will, as it is a personal decision for them.

When you have the letter of approval from Arquidiócesis, you will have to take it to the Church together with a certificate or letter saying that you received the pre-wedding lectures, and other documents that the Church is going to ask for, like ID, and mostly the same as the Arquidiócesis asked for before.

Once all of this is completed and approved, then you can finally arrange the date of the wedding!


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