Mexico vs Argentina

Oh this is going to be a biggy here, in so many ways! Firstly, the obvious – Argentina are giants in world football. But more pertinently, there is a huge Argentine community in Mexico City, which swelled greatly during the Argentine economic crisis of a few years ago. Thousands flocked here looking for better opportunities, and in many cases found just that. Television programs have a disproportionate number of gorgeous female Argentine presenters, and a fair few male ones, though I’m neither qualified nor of the inclination to judge their looks.


There is a little resentment here amongst many that Argentines seem to get preference over Mexicans when jobs are up for grabs, although to be fair the same is true of all foreign workers. It’s just there are more Argentine’s.

One of the job’s that went to an Argentine was the role of manager of Mexico’s football team. Sven Goran Eriksson won’t be the only person at this years world cup to plot against his own national team! La Volpe is a controversial character, with undoubted passion but few diplomacy skills. He has fallen out with the press, club owners and superstars on a regular basis, and caused a little consternation to say the least when he omitted one of Mexico’s star players, Cuauhtemoc Blanco from the 2006 World Cup squad due to an argument/s the two had.

He is qualified though, being a previous World Cup winner himself, with Argentina, in 1978. Even if he was only the reserve goalkeeper! I have a sneaky suspicion however that his world cup run this year will be ended by his Argentine compatriots. :no:


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