Goodbye President Fox, hello President…..

Well we just don’t know yet! July 2nd the nation’s stores and bars closed their alcohol sections, so that the population could go to the polls and elect a new President without the violence and problems that booze can cause amongst passionate Latinos!

But at 11pm, when they turned on the televisions to find out who will be taking office next December, it was still just too close to call! So we will have to wait till Wednesday to allow for a full and thorough count before the winner is publicy announced.

It is between Felipe Calderon of PAN, the current President Fox’s party, and Manuel Lopez Obrador of the PRD. Both are claiming victory, and I suspect that should Calderon win, the supporters of the opposition may not take it very well. Obrador has claimed that his data makes him the winner and that this is irreversible.

I have a sneaky feeling Calderon may be crowned President on Wednesday though. The newspaper headlines here show him with a little more than 1% ahead, but we will have to wait and see….


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