The Protests Begin…

Lopez Obrador has promised mass rallies at the weekend, with the Zocalo being the centre piece of his protests, but of course there is no better time than the present. During the week groups of Obrador supporters have gathered at various locations, including outside IFE (Federal Electoral Institution) buildings. One bunch apparantly tried to tear down the substantial gatings protecting the offices, but were prevented from doing so by their own supporters.


As it happens, I live right opposite one of Mexico City’s large IFE establiments, and although all had ben quiet, the protesters finally arrived today. Not that many it has to be said. I would estimate about 50 or so are camped outside right now chanting, yelling into megaphones, waving banners and flags and getting plenty of toots from passing cars. Toots of support I assume. But you can never be sure….they toot their horns an awful lot and there isn’t always an obvious reason for it.


Obrador may have lost the election, but his support in the City where he was (a controversial) mayor not so long ago, is rock solid. He won here big I believe. The Mexicans I meet on a daily basis – my students – tend to be reasonably well off with jobs and therefore Calderon supporters, but I do have one or two who voted for Obrador. I have only spoken to one since the results were announced, but he seems fairly convinced the election was a big fraud and his man was the real winner. He seems quite passionate though; passionate enough for me to believe he would repeat the party mantra regardless. But his sentiments are generally reflected by Obrador’s support base.


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