Happy Mexicans!

As you may or my not know, I teach Business English to students in Mexico, and one of my jobs involves travelling to Lilly to give classes. Lilly is an American pharmaceutical company, and it’s quite a pleasant place to teach. It’s all very, very clean, the classes are held in a canteen providing as much free coffee as you can drink, and the pay is pretty good.

But just lately they had a sudden and surprisingly fierce clamp down security wise. All of a sudden the regular Maestros d’Ingles couldn’t go straight through to the canteen to wait for their students, but had to crowd in the tiny reception room and wait to be collected by the students. And bags are being searched upon leaving now too, even if it is a little cursory.

And today I found out why. Someone strolled out recently with a vast quantity of Cialis tablets. The name should ring a bell…

You’ll have probably had countless emails from spammers offering you cheap Cialis before now. It’s Lilly’s rival product to Viagra. And I shall never look at the many people on the Microbuses, who seem to have a permanent insane grin plastered on their face, in quite the same way again…


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