WGA Notification Cure

Windows Genuine Advantage. What a fantastic idea. Unless your copy isn’t genuine of course, and you have been duped into downloading the nasty bit of Microsoft programming that spots your criminal ways, and punishes you by blasting your screen with continual annoying reminders that your Windows XP isn’t genuine, and how to get a real copy.

It’s also points out that by running a counterfeit copy your PC is unsafe and at risk. What a laugh that is! That is something you accept the day you buy Microsoft….

Anyway, there IS a way to stop the WGA notifications, and it’s much easier than a lot of the methods currently circulating the web. And what’s more I sussed it out all by myself! Of course, I’m pretty sure someone noticed it before me, but all the same, I didn’t need telling…

This works for the latest MS WGA Notify patch (1.5.540.0), but be advised it doesn’t remove the patch, but simply turns it off. Thats good enough if you ask me….

The method : Boot in Safe Mode as Admin – My Computer > Local Disk > Windows > System 32 and locate the file ‘WGA Tray.exe’.

Then click on the Compatibility tab, check the ‘Run this program in compatability mode for’ box and select Windows 2000 from the drop down menu. Also check the the bottom two boxes as shown on the screenshot.

Click apply, and return your attention to the ‘WGA Tray.exe’ file, and another file called ‘WGALogon.dll’ right next to it. Rename them ‘WGA Tray.old’ and ‘WGALogon.old’ respectively.

Reboot, and all should be ok once again!


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