Psoriasis Experiment

Hello. My name is Gary. I have psoriasis. Oh right, that’s my line down at A.A. I get confused sometimes, you know how it is. Still, they can both be pretty anti social conditions. It’s just one of them involves lumps of scab falling off your head and embarrassing yourself, and the other involves lumping someone on their bonce and embarrassing everyone else. But otherwise exactly the same…


Ok, that’s not my head. I’m a lot younger, bit more hair, and luckily my psoriasis isn’t quite so obvious. There are a million treatments, but it’s not a curable condition, and choosing the right lotion for you is just as much aggro as selecting the right mobile phone package. Well, you’ll get told that this or that secret/brand new/natural ointment or shampoo is the only one that will work by fellow afflicted, but of course we are all different. It took me 18 months before I found the Cocois lotion that did it for me, and have been using the stuff for almost a decade.

But alas! My stock from the UK is almost out, an what’s left is reserved for emergencies. So now I am trying out home made concoctions to see if I can shift the scaly crap without having to work out what Mexicans do for scabby diseases.

I worked out long ago that the very best treatment was in fact sea water. Yup, after 10 minutes of swimming in the sea, I can feel my scalp fizzing as the water does it’s job. An hour or two a day, and my head is clean and clear of all debris within 3 days.

So today I made a lotion out of about 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of crushed sea salt crystals and a dose of herbal shampoo, with flour added to make it more like a paste. Too much flour I fear as it became too solid a paste and was difficult to apply to the scalp, most of it ending up stuck to my hair.

Still, I left it for about 6 hours to try and soften and loosen the scales, before soaking my head in hot, salty water for a couple of minutes before washing. I always have to scratch off the scales, but sadly today I had to do far more scratching than usual and have a far sorer head than usual. But still, I can report success to a certain degree as I removed at least 95% of the scales. But I think this recipe can be improved upon!

The verdict! Compared to Cocois, which gets 5 of 5…

Ease of application – :smile: :smile:
Scale removal – :smile: :smile: :smile:
Pain free experience – :smile: :smile:


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