The Final Cut Band

Mexico has an obsession for Brit music, old and new, and when they can’t get them to play here, they jolly well have a tribute band perform instead! I went to see the Help! band performing Beatles hits last year, and yesterday I went to see the Pink Floyd tribute band at the Hard Rock Cafe in the posh part of the city.

I suspect they might be a new outfit, but couldn’t say for sure. ‘Roger Waters’ wasn’t the most confident person I’ve ever seen on stage, but to be fair there was little to complain about regarding the way he sang. He did The Wall best as his voice was far closer to Waters than it was to Gilmour, but all in all it was a great night out, with a decent selection of hits belted out to a pretty diverse crowd.

Pink Floyd are my favourite band of all time, and their music is quite timeless which probably explains why there was no dominant age group there. 18 to 80 and everyone of them a die hard fan able to sing the words to every song from every album. I love their artwork too, which has always been a bit out there and always funky! I’ve seen large prints of the below piccy in nice frames, but never have had the money at the time! One day…


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