Superman Regresa

I like cinemas in Mexico! Ok, they are a technically a bit identical to cinemas in the UK, USA and everywhere else, but their nachos and cheese with fresh jalapenos seem to just be that bit nicer! And importantly, most of the movies are subtitled and not dubbed in Spanish, although I have to be careful to check first. I had to watch Terminator 3 twice in Guadalajara in 2003.

Movies aimed at younger children too tend to be dubbed, so I didn’t get to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and foreign language films such as Downfall (Der Untergang) are no good either. Audio in German and subtitles in Spanish. Great, a choice of two languages to not understand….

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada had it’s confusing moments too. It’s mainly in English with Spanish subtitles, but there are substantial chunks in Spanish, which were not of course subtitled. That was a cracking film anyway, I highly recommend it. Tommy Lee Jones at his finest.

There isn’t much of a choice as far as cinema companies, but that’s the same anywhere in the world. Cinepolis and Cinemex are the two big boys, but there are independants around. We regularly go to see films at the Cineteca which isn’t too far away, is cheap and has a lot of good, sometimes quirky films showing.

Tonight I went to see Superman Returns, which like Star Wars was something of an icon of my childhood. I never thought they could pull off another one after Christopher Reeve’s tragic end, but I have to say it lived up to it’s rave reviews. Didn’t get to see it at the VIP Imax 3D cinema in Perisur, because I just couldn’t be arsed to go further than the Cinepolis around the corner. But even without the 3D it was a good flick! Here’s hoping for Superman Regresa Dos!!


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