Getting Out of the City

This weekend we chanced a new town – Ixtla. The hotel was really cheap and the photos looked nice. Well as it turned out the photos were of some very selective views, although the hotel was actually quite nice, and at 200 and something pesos for the night, it was something of a bargain. The town itself was pretty grungy, although we found a nice restaurant and spent the evening in the pool.

On Sunday morning (okay, maybe it was nearer afternoon!) we went to Las Grutas, a 30 min drive away to see some famous caves. As promised by the hotel manager there were plenty of people who had the same idea, Mexicans and Gringos alike. But it wasn’t so busy as to spoil it. The caves themselves were very impressive and it’s a fabulous drive through some really scenic landscapes. I have photos on the Photo page needless to say. You may notice one snap of a cross in a pile of rocks. It is a burial site and has a story! An Englishman went exploring with his dog, and fell, breaking his leg. The dog went for help, barking at locals to alert them. They all sadly assumed the dog was consumed with an evil spirit! The Englishman died awaiting the help that never came….

In the afternoon we went another 20 minutes in the car to Taxco, a fabulous little Silver Mining town built against a hill. We’ve been there plenty of times, but it’s always nice to visit! Like silver, jewellry, handicrafts and colonial buildings? You’ll love Taxco.


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