Mexico UK Time Difference

Obviously there are quite a few hours time difference between Mexico and the UK. But that’s not what I am writing about. I have something more interesting and less obvious to say! Maybe….


What you are looking at above is a picture of a watch in the UK. Most people have one. It’s very useful! It tells you the time, and helps you organise your day. Wear one, and you never need be late for an appointment again! Most people take pride in having their watch set to be correct to the second. A minute at most.


The watch above looks identical. However it is a Mexican watch. It is an fashion item worn on the wrist, designed to impress. It may work or it may not. If it does work it will tell it’s unperturbed owner just how horrendously late they are. Providing they look at it. If you ever ask someone the time in Mexico and they claim not to know, despite clearly failing to even glance at the watch strapped to their wrist, don’t assume they are being rude or lazy. He probably hasn’t bothered looking at it for years, and for good reason. It’s you who hasn’t grasped the concept of Mexican time and the ornamental wrist watch.


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