Miracle of Jesus

Jesus Christ may well have walked on water (a debatable fairy tale) but how’s this for a miracle…

Jesus Lopez and two buddies set off from San Blas on the western coast to fish for a bit of tuna 10 months ago. And today they were finally found, somehow still alive, floating near the Marshall Islands on the other side of the Pacific.

A diet of raw fish, the occasional captured raw bird all washed down with blood and rainwater has kept them alive for over 9 months.

Senor Lopez is still at the time of writing aboard the boat, a Taiwaese fishing vessel, that found them, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology has already been interviewed for TV!

Apparantly the first thing he intends to do when he gets home is go to church to give thanks. Perhaps he ought to say cheerio to the ocean first. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish…I doubt he’s ever read enough Douglas Adams to get the pun though.


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