Piracy in Mexico

To sum up the headline as briefly as possible – it’s rampant! Every mercado (market), every metro station, every street corner in fact has a stall of some kind set up selling fake DVD’s, VCD’s and CD’s. Go nearer the centre of the city and the number of stalls just increases, as do the titles on offer. Needless to say Xbox games and PC software are reasily available, along with ‘branded’ watches and sunglasses.

Yep, it’s pretty much like any non ‘western’ country! It’s harder to find a genuine item than it is a fake one. And at just 10 pesos (50p or US$1) for a CD, 30 pesos for a DVD and 50 pesos for three Xbox games, it’s a steal! Literally, of course.

Do I buy? Hmmmm……well, you never know who might be reading my blog! Let’s just say I haven’t been using BitTorrent, a peer to peer file sharing protocol, just as much lately. The main sellers are the latest blockbusters on VCD’s, and the quality is awful. Camcorders pointing at screens sort of thing. I bought a couple, but won’t again. I like going to the cinema anyway! On the other hand, older titles are ripped from genuine DVD’s and are perfect quality!


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