Little Britain in Mexico

I keep meaning to visit this little town to the north of the city called Pachuca. Tis a tiny little place, but famous for three good reasons. As I mentioned on a previous post, football was introduced to Mexico here, with the first ever team being Pachuca. They also have a local speciality food – pastes. And lastly a large clock tower modelled on Big Ben in London.

Beginning to see a link? Pachuca was home to an English mining company from Cornwall for 25 years in the 1800’s, and all three are left overs from their short stay.

It has to be said the clock tower bears little resemblance to the real St Stephens Tower, as Big Ben is more properly known, and that these days the pasties have not only lost an ‘i’ to their name, but also the minced meat. They now have far more exotic fillings, such as mole, fruits, sausages and hams. Actually they stuff their pastes with pretty much anything Mexican!


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