Life and Crimes in Mexico

Mexico City has long had an edge to it, but in the last 15 or 20 years crime has become epidemic and lots of it is of the violent variety. I’m writin about it now because I have come across three victims in the last couple of weeks. Things always come in threes right?

Firstly one of my students got robbed of her handbag and mobile phoneon her way to catch a bus early in the morning. Then the Chicken Lady (I’m sure she has a name, but we just buy our chicken from her little store round the corner!) and her husband were robbed at gunpoint for their takings. And finally….you know what? I’ve forgotten! But someone else got robbed!

There is no safe place or safe time to be about, although obviously there are places and times to be avoided, and doing so does reduce the risk considerably. Touch wood, I’ve not even been sworn at, except for once by a tramp who kept calling me ‘Sun ovvv ay bitch!’ for not giving him a peso.

Murder is pretty rampant, although the victims do tend to be villains, the sort we won’t miss much. Not always of course. The daily tabloid papers here always have a dead body or two on the front page, showing all the details that would never be allowed in the UK press.
But such is life! I don’t, and never have, felt in any danger. If you do get robbed it’s probably gonna be by some desperado who is as scared as you and needs a few bucks asap.

The fact the police are all over the place and twirling a variety of handguns, shotguns and assault rifles doesn’t make you feel any better by the way! You are just as likely to end up being their victim….


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