Shoe Shopping

Shoes. A simple enough purchase. You go into a shop, try on a few pairs, pick the ones you like best, and there you are! With a new pair of shoes. Hardly a luxury, or a complicated purchase – although I’ll admit I’m talking for the male species here. Female shoe shopping is of course a different kettle of fish…

It does get complicated however if you are a 6’2″ European living in Mexico. I sussed out long ago that Mexicans are a shortish people, usually sussing out just how short they are the hard way. A horse ride was one introduction…the branches of overhanging trees had been cut away for the benefit of 5 foot tall (or 5 foot short?) blokes, not for me. Branches in streets are a continual ordeal. And as for the microbuses….by the time I leave this country my neck will be permanently bent at a right angle. When I do get a seat, I ain’t giving it up for no one. I don’t care if a heavily pregnant woman gets on with half a dozen kids in her arms and hanging on her coat tails….she’s standing!

And back to shoes. I am taking good care of the ones I have. Because today’s trip around the mall confirmed a suspicion I have long held. Unless I cut two inches off my size 11 feet, there ain’t no shoes here for me!


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