Noise can be good or bad, uplifting or a nuisance. Depends what sort of noise and when it’s being ‘noised’. Right? Not in Mexico. There is no such thing as nuisance noise here. It’s all good. And sort of noise, any time of day or night. They love it! So it seems anyway…

Broken up with your girlfriend? Then obviously everyone will want to hear about it straight away – best go home, pick up the guitar and wail at the top of your voice till 7am. Pet cat given birth to kittens at 3 in the morning. Clearly this calls for a 30 minute firecracker session.

An early morning telephone call for Mr So and So? Well the hotel staff could pop along to his room and get him. But why not put the multi speaker PA system to use, screaming him name for 15 minutes until he gets up and comes to reception?

There is no noise in Mexico that is socially unacceptable. Car horns are made to be heard, so honk them! I could go on with the list of regular sleep interruptions, but I need some sleep…


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