Lucha Libre

Football is Mexico’s number one sport, but Lucha Libre – wrestling – isn’t far behind. It is a massive entertainment industry here, with full arenas and a big TV audience tuning in to catch up on who has managed to rip off who’s mask. And this is the original masked wrestling competition. The US variant of the ‘sport’ came from Mexico, not the other way round.

The stars are all household names. Dr Wagner, Gronda, The Blue Demon, the crowd favourite Mistico and my own favourite…… the legend that is Super Porky! The all time wrestler though is Santo who also starred in numerous films.

Wrestling is a great night out. There is music, dramatic entrances, some genuinely funny wrestling, some genuinely impressive acrobatics and gymnastics, and sellers bringing pop corn, nachos, donuts and drinks to your seat. With a fantastic atmosphere, what more could you ask for? Well, lower entrance prices actually. Considering it costs me between 80 to 250 pesos to go see Cruz Azul, the 1000 peso asking price for ringside seats at a decent event is pretty steep. We had 600 peso seats when we saw Mistico’s latest triumph last Friday. It’s ok for a tourist. For me on my wages….well I didn’t have to pay luckily!

I guess it has to be said the shows are quite long, up to 2 and a half hours, so you do get time value for your dosh. If you are learning Spanish there are also educational benefits to be had. Your vocabulary will swell with all sorts of extra words that the language books just won’t teach you – many of the offering all sorts of differing advices as to what you can do with your mother!


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