Revolution Day

November 20th is Revolution Day here, celebrating an internal struggle that started with the overthrow of Porfirio Diaz and was finally settled, after much fighting between opposing factions, in 1920. Or something like that…

The revolution continues in spirit though – the defeated presidential candidate has continued his campaign of general idiocy, choosing today to declare himself president. It’s a meaningless, empty gesture that even many of his own supporters believe to be causing himself more harm than good. I feel his chances in the 2012 election are probably already damaged beyond repair.

Anyway, there is an annual parade through the center of the city, seemingly mostly (maybe entirely) by sports teams. Hope you enjoy my video, short and crappy though it is!

There is also footage of the famous House of Tiles, inside and out, featuring one of the largest Pinatas I’ve seen. And of course, there are photos on Flickr I have uploaded.


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