TEFL Scams

Every industry has it’s fair share of dodgy outfits, all looking to relieve a few people of a bit of cash before disappearing. In the old days they literally disappeared, physically. Nowadays, with so much scamming potential to be had from the internet, they just disappear into the ether, magically reappearing with a new domain name shortly afterwards.

This is particularly convenient for a lot of iffy TEFL companies, an industry which has long had an unfortunate and largely deserved reputation for possessing a greater percentage of scammers than is the norm.

But of course, it only takes a little investigation to suss out new set ups with old history and unscrupulous intentions. Rather stupidly, most of them register the new domain name using the same names and addresses of the now defunct business they used to rip off the last lot of ‘customers’.
An excellent example just came to light. Chicago’s TEFL Institute bears an uncanny resemblance to a company called Global Education Corp., who vanished into thin ether having fleeced both other TEFL companies, and some students. Same owner, same address. Spooky!!!

Needless to say, any wannabe TEFLers would do well to steer clear and find somewhere else to do their thing if this report from the Better Business Bureau is anything to go by. In fact it’s always worth doing your homework before putting down a deposit, Dave’s ESL Cafe being one of the better places to begin.


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