Day of Doom

Couldn’t have been a worse Saturday! Ok, it could have been, but it was pretty bad nonetheless. The Apertura 2006 season is over for Cruz Azul, and therefore for me. A 2-0 defeat on Wednesday evening in the first leg of the Quarter Finals wasn’t overturned, despite La Maquina playing arguably their best game all year, and worthy of a win by 3,4 or even 5 goals. But it wasn’t to be, and as Chivas scored two of the very few chances that came their way, it ended a draw. 2-2. Sob.
To make matters worse, I nearly killed all six of my turtles, as I topped up their bowl with more water, blowing the electric heater. Luckily I had taken them out a few minutes earlier, and they were gobbling up tortuguettas a few feet away in their feeding bowl, blissfuly unaware of how close they came to becoming Kentucky Fried Tortugas.

I had to fill the water up, because the damn stuff had been off all day. Sodding water problems in our part of the city are the bain of our lives sometimes, always switching off just when you need the stuff the most.

On the plus side, I did have a nice evening despite the footy result, eating Cabrito in a well known restaurant in the city. Cabrito is a kid goat, and the meal is a Monterrey speciality in the north of the country. See the before and after…

I went with my Saturday students to the cantina, to feast and watch the aforementioned footy match, although the voume on the TV’s was either off, or simply drowned out by the mariachi band who spent the evening wandering around belting out their stuff at full volume. I really like the mariachi bands, trumpets, violins, guitars et al. They add a lot to the general atmosphere, and always dress up for the occassion. Makes the night out that bit more special.


My day wasn’t as bad as the goat’s day…

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