Today’s the big charity day in Mexico City, with their version of Comic Relief, or ITV’s Telethon. The money collected here goes towards the millions of poor people in their own country, rather than over to Africa, but then given the poverty that exists in some places, that’s not terribly surprising.

I think the main focus goes on the less well off peeps in Oaxaca, Chiapas and the Yucatan peninsular. But my Spanish still sucks, so I can’t be sure!

From what I have watched of it on TV, the show seems dominated by singers and dancers, but that’s not unusual for Mexican TV. You wouldn’t believe how much TV time gets given over to concerts, talent shows and the such. It’s endless and always the talk of the town after a big episode.

If you listened to my first Radio Mexico podcast, you may remember Yuridia, a very famous singer here who is basically Mexico’s answer to Will Young. Except not gay. The latest show courted some controversy, as the winning dancer was going to be given a free wedding after the result was announced at the end of the show. But come the time to declare a winner, the two finalists were told they both had to return, in white dresses, with family, to hear the result the next week. Mean bastards! Still, they gave them both their weddings in the end, and televised them both. It was all just so much drivel.

I’m not sure it’s a good time of year for Mexico City’s poorest though. They normally patrol the metro system looking for change, but they currently have competition from Teleton collectors waving these tins around, and must outnumber them 5 to 1!


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