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Merry Christmas!

Another year about to finish, a new one about to begin. Same as, same as? Time for a change? It’s been a year and a half since I packed my bags and left the UK for warmer shores, looking for something new, a bit of adventure and a sprinkling of chillis on everything I eat. Latin America is a great place to go looking, and if you go through my blog a bit more hopefully you’ll see why. Just one language to learn, culture, history, food, jungle, paradise like stretches of coast, mountains, volcanos, wildlife….it has the lot. And, of course, more. But if you want more than just to dip your toes in on a two week holiday, then you’ll probably want to find a way to earn a little cash while you are here.

Speak English? Then maybe you are halfway to getting a job teaching English. Course, it’s not a simple as you might think, but then it doesn’t have to be too difficult. A two week or four week course to get certified as a TEFL teacher, some savings to get you started and you could be well on your way. TEFLing won’t make you rich, but you should be able to earn more than enough to live on and explore the country you are in.

I did a two week course with Teachers International back in June 2005, and you could do a lot worse than start there when searching for a course. Collection from the airport, accommodation for when you arrive, the course – it’s all arranged. And most importantly some work once you have qualified, and not just in Mexico City where they are based. Apart from other locations in the country, they can send you off to Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and elsewhere.

The course is run by Guy Courchesne (have fun trying to pronounce it!) who has been training TEFL students in Mexico for years, and arranges regular teacher nights out. See the photo below….the only time I have attended one, to be honest, but I live in the depths of the southern part of the city! From left to right (as far as visible faces looking towards the camera are concerned!) Guy, Can’t Remember, Me, My SWMBO.

Guy has a blog going which is quite enlightening if you are new to the concept of TEFLing, and has a wealth of links to both his own school and industry related websites. Worth checking out! Ok, yes, he pimped my blog, so I’m doing my bit in return, but still..it’s a good one!


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