The Dentist

All the Snickers bars, Cokes and general junk food have caught up on me – my mouth is an abyss of cavities! Oh dear. And now to find a reputable dentist. I did find one last year, but he’s a good hour and a half away, and considering I need a good half dozen visits, it’s just too far away. The main problem in Mexico City is finding a dentist who actually qualified as a dentist, not as a panel beater, or a taxidermist, or a bus driver….it’s best to get one recommended.

I visited one last week, just across the road from my house, intent on having a tooth pulled to relieve the incredible pain it was causing. Turned out to be an infection though, so antibiotics sufficed and the pearl is still in place. She might have been cheap, but was also a bit rude and gruff, and hygiene wise…I’ve seen better. So the search continues.

Price wise, dentists aren’t as cheap as I’d hoped. I had been promised dirt cheap dentistry, but fillings go for 500 to 1000 pesos a time, depending on how bad they are. That’s US$50/100 or GBP£25/50, which might sound okay on British or American wages, but it’s still not cheap. I used to pay £35 a go in the UK on a 400,000 peso a year salary. I’m on 120,000 pesos a year today, so….you can do the math.


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