Price of Living

First it was tomatos, and now cigarettes, sodas and tortillas. Prices are going up, and people are not happy! Especially with the tortillas, Mexicos staple food. Housewives will be taking to the streets and rioting if something isnt done, you mark my words. Rioting Mexican women isnt a pretty sight either.

Apparantly, aside from other more normal inflationery pressures, the cheap corn Mexico gets from the US to help offset the negative effects of the NAFTA treaty is being used to extract ethanol. Or something like that. Whatever, the extra 10% on the price is too much for most to bear!

However, I{m far more upset at the 2 peso rise in a packet of smokes! 22 pesos….what will I do?! Give up, maybe. We will see. The street vendors are a bit cheeky. They sell singles at 2 pesos a go, already double the normal price. And now some have gone to 2 and a half pesos, the greedy swines!


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