Anglo Mexican Links

There’s not much of a shared history, culturally or otherwise, between Mexico and the UK. There is football, Pachuca and paties which I wrote about some months ago. But this week I managed to drag up three, reasonably tenuous, links between the two countries. There were the Golden Globe awards. It was a very successful night for both countries, with the UK walking off with 8 awards and Mexico’s Babel picking up a big one.

And this week also saw Cruz Azul sign Jared Borgetti, a Mexican football star. The link? Well he did play for Bolton Wanderers last year. Not so brilliantly, but such is life. Mexicans haven’t ever made a terribly big impact in European football, Hugo Sanchez and Rafael Marquez being the exceptions, but they keep trying! Former Cruz Azul player Kikin has also just returned after a less than successful attempt at Benfica.

Last but not least, both countries have controversial little black faced mascots that cause the occassional uproar in the papers. Memin Pinguin here in Mexico, the altogether more dubiously named Gollywog in the UK. Well those are as good as links get for now, but if I think of any more….then again, if anyone has anything better then let me know!


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