The Alphabet

Pronunication is never easy. You should feel for the average Spanish speaker, for whom the letter ‘A’ is always pronounced the same. Manana, manzana, malteada…the ‘A’ never changes. That’s good for me. But for them….

Apple, aid, car, manage, all…..off the top of my head, five very different sounds, one single letter. Of course, there are different accents and dialects within English, so the diversity increases greatly as you go around the globe!

Something I have done for a while is to reteach the alphabet. I say reteach, because my students have all perfected the normal recitation. A as in aid. B as in bee. C as in sea. D as in Deep. E as in emu. But, for the most part, is that how the letters sound inside a word? Sometimes, yes. Most of the time…no.

For example, the letter ‘F’. As in effort. I can’t off hand think of a word beginning with the alphabet ‘F’ sound that doesn’t have an ‘E’ in front of it.

When I first learned the alphabet, at 3 or 4, it was done a little differently. ‘A’ as in apple. B as in bird. C as in Curd. D as in Dirt. E as in Elephant. F as in Fur. Etc etc etc.

It seems so much more relevant to pronunciation.


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