The Wedding

I don’t much like weddings. Can’t stand them in fact. Since my mum got remarried in the 70’s (when I was too young to object) I have studiously managed to avoid attending any weddings, despite a grand total of 8 invitations. Excuses have ranged from “travelling that month, I’m afraid”, to “I forgot” and my all time favourite “the clock’s went forward and I was sleeping, dude.”

But yesterday the streak came to an end. :frown: Forced to attend the wedding of one of the other half’s best friends. Still, can’t grumble entirely. I helped to make us soooooo late, we only caught the final 5 minutes!

I know, I’m bad! I’m just not religious though. Quite the opposite in fact. I’m sure an unnerving shiver went up the priest’s spine as I crossed the threshold…

Still the party was good, even if it was a bit chilly, being held in the outdoors as it was. Wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the last two days have been cloudy, rainy and less than warm.

The happy couple are Carlo, from Italy, and Alicia who hails from Mexico City. They technically arried in Rome, where they now live, a couple of years back. But it was a five minute registry office affair, and the time had come for the church do, during their first visit to Mexico together.


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