Gary Fittipaldi

It’s been ten years since I last drove a car…a couple of failed tests in the mid to late 90’s and I decided to stick to motorbikes. It’s not something I’m terribly passionate about, driving. But today I had a crack at it. Albeit an enforced crack at it. Paola’s dad had gotten the wrong side of tipsy in Toluca, well outside of the city. Paola can’t drive a manual, so I was press ganged into driving home.
Make no mistake, the task was more daunting that it sounds. Mexico City is a nightmare place for even a veteran driver to cruise around, let alone someone who hasn’t gotten behind the wheel in 10 years. At least it was a nice car, easy to drive. I made it home safe and sound anyhow, so my posts will continue until my next dice with death…

I may soon buy a car. I have my eye on a ’92 VW Beetle in wine red, excellent condition, for US$1,800. It’ll have to wait a few months, till I have more money and fewer expenses, and of course till I get my driving license. There won’t be any test failures here though. No tests at all in fact! Just 500 pesos and a license is mine, valid for 7 years!


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