Mexico and Craters

I started doing some ‘Things You Didn’t Know About Mexico’ posts last year, but never got beyond two. But I am getting pretty desperate in my search to post something Mexico related, as I gradually run out of fresh material! So time to find new stuff. Most people are aware that an asteroid or meteor was probably responsible for the death of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, but did you know the fatal meteor is believed to have landed in the Yucatan peninsular of Mexico?

Yep, there is a barely visible crater of humungus proportions right on the tip of Mexico’s tail. Caused by a meteorite with an estimated 10 kilometer diameter, and releasing about 100 teratons worth of TNT energy. To give it scale, that’s 2 million times more powerful that the largest nuke ever detonated. So…quite big.

The crater went unseen by scientists until the 1990’s, because, being so old, it had been largely covered by tens of metres of fresh rock and earth. But satellite images, and others observations have since revealed it in it’s full-ish glory. In the picture below you can see the ring of cenotes (natural watery sinkholes) along the edge of the impact.


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