A New Camera

My mum arrives in Mexico in a couple of weeks for a holiday, and needless to say I have provided her with a list of essential items that I need – curry powder, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Mince Pies, tea bags…..it’s quite a long list! But if she wants to be collected from the airport and a bed to sleep in (subtle warning for her if she’s reading this… :lol: )

But I have decided what I really need is a new camera. And I needs to come with my mum from England – prices here for electrical stuff are absolutely outrageous!!! I’m also getting 5 of these USB keyring storage things. In the UK, they cost £10 (200 pesos) for a 2gb unit. In Mexico, they can cost up to 1000 pesos for a 1gb unit!

I’ve got a very nice digital camera already, a Nikon 8700. Zoom and megapixels both count up to 8, full manual controls as well as the excellent Nikon Scene selections. But…it’s not a small camera! And it’s kind of expensive. So it isn’t something I can carry with me anywhere for reasons of practicality and safety! Which is a shame, because I so often come across excellent photo opportunities on my way around the city. Vans impaled on armco barriers, fires, fights, the occasional dead body…

I need something cheap and small. Real cheap and real small in fact. But it still has to be capable of taking damned good shots. But not so good that it replaces my current model for everything!

I have given it a huge amount of thought. I considered the Nikon S10, a brand new model which looks just the thing I’d want. But at £200 it is getting expensive and I might not want to take it everywhere (this can be an iffy city at times!) and it is good enough to replace my current camera, which isn’t the idea! So I looked at the Nikon S9 as well. I’ve always bought Nikon and am a fan – brand loyalty goes far, but I just wasn’t impressed enough by the reviews and sample images. And at £121 – well, I was hoping to find something closer to £100.

I looked at Sony too. Their S650 model was priced right at £105, but it’s made of plastic – a non starter for me! The W50 looked good, and has an opyional underwater case for snorkelling. But as well as the £130 price tag, it also needs Sony’s Memory Stick to record the photos onto, and whilst it would be convenient for me (I have a Sony Vaio laptop with a dedicated slot for it) they tend to be more expensive that the alternative formats on the market, pushing the total price up even more.

Samsung’s Digimax i6 looked good on paper, but I’m not confident regards image quality. Too few reviews available as it’s a very new model, or so I believe.

Just as I was about to settle for the bargain priced (£90) Canon A460, a new 5MP model with fancy looks, a 4X zoom with reasonable reviews, I stumbled on what was my final choice….

The Fuji Finepix V10. Just £115, 5MP, 3.4 zoom, a massive 3″LCD, excellent image quality for the price, it’s tiny, built well, looks snazzy, has the features I need….yes, it ticks all the boxes, and I should take possession on March 30th!


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