The United States of North America

The big news in Mexico at the moment is the revelation that President Calderon of Mexico and George Bush have reached advanced stages of plans to unite Mexico and the USA into one country by signing a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’….solving the immigration problems in one stroke. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for anyone…the US has been snatching bits of Mexico for a couple of hundreds of years, and Mexico is now as dependent on cheap American products as Americans are on cheap Mexican Labour. Rumours of this sort of a project have been going on for a while. Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox is believed to have favoured a merger with the USA in a North American super country.

It appears that the idea isn’t entirely popular within Mexico however. The proposed deal means that the merger is more of an annexation. US currency, law, and government will all be imposed on Mexico, who will lose their President. The negotiations had been kept relatively secret until the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Luis Ernesto Derbez resigned today and gave a press conference, slamming Calderon for selling out to the Americans.

Senator Lugar, the Mexican Ambassador to the United States Carlos de Icaza and
Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Luis Ernesto Derbez.

This will no doubt be a lot of controversy as you would expect, but hardliners in both governments seem to expect that a formal deal will be reached by the end of the year, with the merger takingplace as early as 1st January 2008.

A new flag has even been agreed upon by negotiators on both sides, with the US flag retaining it’s 13 red and white stripes, but losing the 50 yellow stars…the Mexican Eagle will take up the corner.


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