Quakes, shakes and soggy brakes

It’s been a funny few days. All started nicely with a trip to the Diamante Coast to chill out at Playa Ventura. But the first thing I saw kinda summed up how the next few days would go…


The dreaded red flag, the last thing you want to see flying on a beach when you arrive. We only had 3 full days so any time lost. And it flew the next morning too. And the next. No swimming for me there. So we went off to Chautengo, a big lagoon along the coast. Which was very beautiful and had good swimming for everyone. Except me, who spent the day curled up with a 24 hour fever. Ninety degree heat and there I was shivering…

The way back didn’t start off so good either. An hour and a half delay because a bus full of Mexican holiday makers had hit a truck and gone off the road into a tree. We didn’t find out the final death toll, but there were quite a few. We saw a lot of people crowding around one of them in the back of a truck. It’s easy to crash here if you’re not careful. Roads can be narrow, pot holed, with steep drops down the sides of mountains in places. And it’s hot. Not good for concentration or your brakes.

But I drove us home in one piece, only for a strong earthquake to strike an hour after we got home. Strong enough to set off all the sirens and make the BBC website news, and shake the water out of my turtles tanks.

Such is life! It was quite a pleasant trip really!


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