Earthquake Rocks Mexico City

That was the headline from Friday 13th April, and we all felt it here. Hard not to, unless you were fast asleep. It measured 6.3 on the Richter Scale, with a couple of aftershocks of 5.4 for the early risers a few hours later.

It was strong enough to have everyone out of their beds and in the streets in their pyjamas, and must have scared all the gringos and gringas in Acapulco. The epicentre was just 25km from the city, inland and at a very shallow depth of 25km under the surface.

I guess most of the world’s population lives in earthquake zones, but most English speaking people from the ‘West’, bar Californians, probably haven’t experienced one. It’s quite bizarre and not easy to describe. The temptation is to relate it to some sort of funfair ride, which isn’t terribly accurate.


At 12.42am I happened to be sat here at my computer, when I felt someone lean on the back of my chair. Except when I looked round there was no one there. Which was weird. I turned back to the computer, and Paola mentioned that the alarm does work. I told her that sure it does, but it’s not ours, assuming she meant a car alarm.

Then someone ‘leaned’ on my chair again, and the big shakes started. Normally you can’t always be sure that an earthquake is happening. Sometimes you imagine things! Could be a truck or something, so you look at lights and anything hanging loose. Is it swinging? If yes, you’ve just had a tiny tremor. If no, go back to sleep.

This time there was no doubt. The water in the turtle tank was slapping from side to side and splashing out, and the whole building was clearly moving. Kinda makes you feel dizzy! So, grabbed the turtles and went outside, just in case.

Luckily for us, the 30 second quake did no damage. Elsewhere in the city a few buildings were shaken to a state of being uninhabitable. A 6.3 quake is reasonably strong, and in the past has killed thousands.


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