To Be A Mexican

I’ve got a long way to go before anyone confuses me for a native Mexicano. I’m gonna need to dye my hair jet black (and a hair style is 40% hair, 60% gel), get a much better tan, fix myself up with some brown contact lenses, improve my Spanish somewhat, reduce my height by at least 8 inches….yeah, it’d gonna be difficult!

Oh, and I’m gonna need to run around humping everything in sight. The incredible jealousy that women in Mexico seem to contain appears, from my two years worth of observance, reasonably justified. Infidelity is a part of life. Equality is here though! Women are getting just as bad! Or were they always? My Mexican visitors will have to fill in the details. Is it an obligatory national sport, or voluntary? I’m confused.

Prompting this post was a brief part of an interview between Oprah and Patricia Manterola, who has been voted ‘Most Beautiful Latin Woman’ by some magazine….

“If you’re a woman getting a divorce on the grounds of adultery, your husband might not be held responsible if he says you didn’t meet his conjugal rights. If a woman is held responsible for ‘pushing’ him to adultery, she loses the right to receive alimony forever. Infidelity is a cultural thing.”


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