The Terrible Tortoise

This video was just too funny not to give a post of its own! I though turtles were the aggresive ones, but it seems tortoises have a temper too! I love the bit in the middle where he is charging towards the camera, mouth open ready to bite!

As far as feeding goes, my turtles have an appetite and a half. Always hungry. They are omnivores, but as youngsters tend to be more carniverous than when they are older. Their staple diet are specially formulated Turtle pellets, with the occasional sprinkling of dried shrimp.

But there is nothing to get them more excited than some meaty food. Tuna fish, lamb and live feeder fish in particular – really have to seperate them at meat dinners, or they will start fighting each other over every scrap.

They like a bit of fruit and veg sometimes. Shredded carrot, mango and especially strawberries. I have tried to get them interested in lettuce and peppers, but they aren’t too keen yet…


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