Two Years In Taco Land

Yep, May 27th 2005 I landed in Mexico City, and two years later, two years today to be precise, I am still here. It’s been an experience I guess! Seen a few sights, tasted a few weird things, and learned how to insult someone’s mother in Spanish. It seems a lifetime ago since I was speeding along frozen English roads on my way to Texaco for another day of drudgery! Anyway, to celebrate I have experimented with ScrapBlog to produce a mini photo album to summarise my time here. Scrapblog looks pretty neat, although it is a bit buggy and might take a while to load. But it has definite potential – I like it. Next month is another anniversary, as it will be four years since I first came to Mexico. So I might do another Scrapblog with my photos from that trip, but this time fully customised, rather than using a theme.

Anyway, hope the Scrapblog below works for you, and here is to another of fun in Mexico!


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