Pyramiding Torts

Caring for turtles and tortoises is a complicated business. Jeez there is so much info you need. I’ve had mine for getting on 2 years and I still regularly find out new stuff, usually on my favourite tortuga website, RedEarSlider.

Íd read about pyramiding before, but until I saw some photos yesterday, I had misunderstood what exactly it is. It’s a pretty ghastly condition which can leave a tort or turt a cripple and even kill them. The photo below is of a tortoise – the scutes start growing into pyramid shapes (as the name of the condition suggests I guess!) instead of being smoothish. Failure of internal organs and bone problems usually accompany it.

Anyway I inspected my little turts and three of them, Bob, Angus and Baby – the greedy ones – might have the slightest early signs of pyramiding. It’s so slight it’s hard to be sure. But I know I do kinda overfeed them. It’s hard not to – those soulful, pitiful big green eyes begging all the time! But no more. They’re going on a diet, in accordance with the website’s instructions! If they have got pyramiding, it’s not a problem – I’ve seen pictures of a couple of turts with much, much worse and they have been described as ‘very mild’ as far as the condition goes. And so long as they get a good, varied diet – not to much, not too little – then they will be fine.

So from now on they get the tortugetta pellets every other day, instead of every day. With lettuce and veggies on the alternate days. No more ham, tuna or barbacoa, except as very occasional treats. And only a little dried shrimp fortnightly.

They are not going to be impressed. Especially with the lettuce…


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