Starting a business

The summer holidays are rolling close, and Paola’s school might be unloading most of their English teachers – the fools. But every cloud has a silver lining, possibly. I’m thinking of starting my own school. Well…we are thinking – it’s a little hard for me, Johnny Foreigner to set up a business. Mega low overheads, because we don’t need premises – I teach Business English and travel to their offices. Basicaly carry on doing what I’m doing, but….

I am just so busy! Over the last few months I have had to turn away quite a few potential students, just for lack of time. And it’s all word of mouth, the approaches I get. I haven’t touted for business. I never take on beginners either and I get offered those regularly – work for Paola! I also know a fair few teachers. So why not get them taking on the hours I can’t do, and getting myself a cut of the fees? Makes perfect sense to me. But the paperwork in starting a business is a little bureaucratic. Not expensive though…MXN$5,000 or thereabouts.

I’ve already sorted out a logo for the website!

The money can be good. There are some schools paying as little as 90 to 130 pesos an hour, but it’s not hard to earn a little more. The classes I have at the moment range from 180 pesos an hour for classes with one or two private paying students, up to 275 pesos an hour when there is a full class or the company is paying. One of the schools I worked at until recently charged 275 pesos per hour, paying the teachers 200 – everybody’s happy!

It’s definitely something for me to ponder on over the coming months…


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