Belles Artes, Esquina Bajan and Frida Kahlo

Belles Artes was the centre attraction in Mexico City this weekend, not least because it was Fathers Day, Quincena (payday) and everybody was out and about having a good time.

It’s a hundred years since the birth of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and the death of her husband, famous muralist, Diego Rivera. And celebrations, exhibitions and displays are starting all over the city. The centre piece is undoubtably at Belles Artes where the largest display of Fridas work in the work is open to the public. Free of charge too! Over two hundred of her original paintings and drawings have been gathered from around Mexico, the US and elsewhere for the occasion.

There are some who belittle Frida’s artistic talent, even going so far as to label it ‘Tourist Art’. Which doesn’t only miss the point regards what Frida means and symbolises to Mexico and Mexicans, but is pretty snobby as well. For the ‘purists’ there are some fabulous murals by the likes of Rivera and Orozco lining the walls. They do make a trip inside worthwhile by themselves.

Also in Belles Artes this weekend was a ballet/play called Esquina Bajan, the first part of it true coma inducing ballet; the second part a wholly more entertaining costume dance drama. It plays again next weekend, and at just MXN$100 well worth the visit. Actually it’s worth the MXN$100 just to see the inside of the theatre.


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