It’s been a funny old week

Strange things happen when you are a stranger in a strange land! Sometimes. First odd thing happened at the cinema. I asked for a Coca Cola. I know my Spanish is far from perfect, but I order a Coke a day (at least) without any trouble, so I was a little surprised when the chap returned with a heavily garnished hot dog. Coke…hot dog…hmmmm. Normally I put down little incidents like this to my peculiar (to them!) British accent. I’ll put this one down to him being dumb! :faint:

It is summer here, but also rainy season. But I’m sure that it must be reasonably rare for it to hail here in June. Really big lumps of ice there were too. Painful, in fact. But maybe I’m wrong….hopefully a fellow DF’er will enlighten me.

And then yesterday I accepted – a little reluctantly I admit, as with all events requiring an early start – an invitation to help out at the Spelling Bee competition at Paola’s school. Turned out all I needed to do was sit behind a desk (maybe to impress the attending parents – the token white boy! ) and pretend to mark the kids whilst the entire judging process was invented and applied on the spot by the co-ordinator – all a bit ad hoc. And then I went home..


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