Mexico Metro Marathon

I’ve had a cunning plan! So cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a ferret! (Anyone unfamiliar with Black Adder will now be lost…)

Who as a kid in the UK didn’t want to be a World Record Breaker after watching the brilliant Roy Castle present the show? I did…I still do! But what to do? Well, that’s my cunning plan, you see…

There is a record for travelling the London Underground in the shortest time, but is there one for the Mexico City Metro system? Not one that I can find. So…I’ve applied to set (or break) the world record for the Mexico City Metro on the Guinness World Records website! I have suggested that the rules for the London Underground be transferred to create the Rules for the Mexico City Metro.

I travel the metro enough, so I know my way round pretty good. And if there is no current record, I won’t even have to try too hard! I travel Linea 2 most frequently, which is a pretty lengthy line, but overall the metro here is much smaller than London’s. I guess, if it takes 18 and a half hours to travel London’s 275 stops, it’ll take about 10 hours or less here.


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