The Official New Seven Wonders of the World are…

I’ve had a lot of very excitable Indians on one of my other posts, all eager to see the Taj Mahal in the final seven. Some have clearly been learning their English from some pretty adult films judging from the language (now deleted) – they weren’t happy that the Taj didn’t make it in the poll I ran! But they’ll be happy now the ‘official’ list has been released.

I have to say that the inclusion of Christ the Redeemer rather spoilt everything. I appreciate it got lots of votes, but I strongly suspect they were mostly Brasilian votes, sticking up for their national icon, rather than votes for a real ‘Wonder’. Which tarnishes the whole thing in my opinion, and makes it look like the commercial venture that it has long been accused of. I mean – Christ the Redeemer, but no Acropolis?!

Some countries really promoted their Wonder in a big way – see the Coke can from Mexico below. No surprise that made the final seven! Others weren’t promoted at all, whilst the Taj was promoted very belatedly. But with the second biggest population in the world, a belated push was enough to sneak the Taj into the list.

Still, my post did ‘wonders’ for my blog visitor figures! Normally I get between 400 to 700 daily unique visitors, with a previous best of 900 and something. When I checked this morning, today was at 1,800 and by close had reached nearly 5,000. I’m famous!

A little research revealed why. Anyone going to Google and typing in New 7 Wonders Poll/Result got my blog on the front page. It goes to show, Google does drive traffic to your site!


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