I signed onto Facebook a couple of months ago, at the bequest of an amiga. I have to say I was pretty dubious – another social networking site for me to not like very much. It was so hyped up as well, which isn’t usually, in my experience, a good thing. And for a couple of months it just kinda sat there, gathering dust. Not interesting enough to use, but enough potential for me to keep it bookmarked.

But it’s grown on me. And I have more than one friend on it now, which also helps. A lot. It is about ‘social networking’ anyway. But the ‘Killer App’ for me has been, well…the Apps. There are hundreds of them, with more appearing everyday. And some are genuinely useful, asopposed to being screen candy. Today I set up Mozilla Thunderbird to replace Opera M2 as my email client – because Mozilla has a great calendar built in. But this evening, lo and behold I find an even better (for me) calendar function in Facebook. Thunderbird has gone.

I have a Last.fm app, a divShare app and a Skype app – now I just need someone to make me a Gmail app! I can see Facebook growing into something seriously massive. There are flaws – some apps just don’t work properly. Too many are pointless. And though there is the ability to find classmates, ala Friends Reunited, it’s poorly organised and under used – I’ve only seen one or two people I know listed. But it is all free.

Give it a go. And keep with it – even if you don’t like it at first it might grow on you too. You’ll have at least one ‘Friend’ to start with – add me.


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