My City Walk

I had an early class today at Lilly, which meant at 9am I was in the street next to the metro – why not have a day in the city, I thought to myself, and go have a looky see at the Exhibition of Light currently on at the Museum of Popular Art? So I did. I also wanted to go up to the top of the Angel of Independence, but if you’d read my last post, you’ll already know how that went….

The museum is really very cool – a modern place, but it has to be said a little hard to find. Not because it’s tucked away down a sidestreet or anything – it just has no signage whatsoever. Just a flag. Which you can only see if there’s a good wind blowing. Don’t worry though, help is at hand. If you’re giving the place a visit, here is a handy little map.

This is a vase. But close up. For the detail, you see…

It is all traditional stuff, crafts and arts being kept alive by living, breathing Mexicans. Actually, if you travel around Mexico, you will find plenty of places where people still wear/use/play with traditional stuff as the norm. Worth a visit? If you’ve got a week or more in the city, definitely yes. Four or five days? Maybe, if you happen to pass by it. Less than that? There are too many ‘Must See’s’ to be spending time here. But I liked it. Passed an hour and a half nicely.

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