Playboy Protesters

Mexicans love a good protest. Beat some drums, dance around a little, wave banners, hand out leaflets. There’s nothing to beat a good day out (or week out, or 6 months out – depending on just how angry they are!) than a protest…

And while you’re at it, why not make the most of the time you are taking off work, to just relax and let it all hang out….

Of course, protesting is serious stuff, and they were genuinely keen for me to take their photographs – seemingly unaware than the few readers I have will probably not actually care in the slightest. But nevermind. I took the photos, and here they are….

What was it all about? I really don’t have a clue about the specifics. Just that they don’t seem to like one particular senator, or all politicians in general. Here’s the leaflet they gave me – you work it out!


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